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Purpose and Scope:  The primary function of the elementary counseling program is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope and adapt to an ever-changing world. In serving as a facilitator of self-development, the school counselor helps students gain a better understanding of themselves.  The counselor acts as a liaison between parents, students, teachers, and administration. 


Our primary mission is to meet the unique educational, emotional, and social needs of each and every student who walks through our doors. We accomplish this by providing a rich, holistic experience in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. All staff members at ISP share a common goal – to do whatever it takes to help our students reach their full potential as learners and as global citizens. We recognize that education is a complex, dynamic process, and we constantly evaluate our practice to ensure that students are engaged, appropriately challenged, and experience joy in learning.

We offer a research-based curriculum that emphasizes a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy as well as critical thinking, citizenship, and ample opportunities for creative expression. Our whole-child approach includes challenging social studies, science, and math programs. Students stay fit and healthy in our physical education classes, experience art, and music in our enrichment classes, get hands-on access to technology through STEM integration, and they learn to appreciate literature through frequent visits to our comprehensive library. Students are also exposed to daily Spanish classes to either introduce them to the language or expand their Spanish language abilities as needed. In addition to these special enrichment classes, our students are engaged in social-emotional learning through weekly classroom visits and lessons from their grade level counselor. At ISP, we believe that life-long learning is critical for everyone. Our early release time on Fridays is devoted to professional development activities designed to continually improve our services to students and families. Education is not static, and our staff understands the importance of keeping up with the latest research regarding effective educational practices.


The Elementary School Counselor reports directly to the Elementary School Principal of the International School of Panama (ISP) and is responsible for developing and leading innovative guidance-related programs, activities, and services for ISP students, families, and faculty. 

Develop and implement a high-quality school-based guidance curriculum and program to support the school and students' educational goals and objectives.
Plan and coordinate the dissemination of information relating to guidance program services to faculty, students, families, and the community.
Meet regularly with teachers to assure effective coordination of services and information dissemination. Provide ongoing opportunities for professional development. 
Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Elementary School Principal.



Informs the counsel of the purposes, goals, techniques, and rules of procedure under which she/he may receive counseling at or before the time when the counseling relationship is entered. 
Disclosure notice includes confidentiality issues such as the possible necessity for consulting with other professionals, privileged communication, and legal or authoritative restraints. The meaning and limits of confidentiality are clearly defined to counselees through a written and shared disclosure statement.
Keeps information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the counselee or others or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed. Counselors will consult with other professionals when in doubt as to the validity of an exception.
Discloses information to an identified third party who, by her or his relationship with the counselee, is at a high risk of contracting a disease that is commonly known to be communicable and fatal. Prior to disclosure, the counselor will ascertain that the counselee has not already informed the third party about his or her disease and he/she is not intending to inform the third party in the immediate future.
Protects the confidentiality of counselee's records and releases personal data only according to prescribed laws and school policies. Student information maintained in computers is treated with the same care as traditional student records.

Counseling Plans

The professional School Counselor works jointly with the counselee in developing integrated and effective counseling plans, consistent with both the abilities and circumstances of the counselee and counselor. Such plans will be regularly reviewed to ensure continued viability and effectiveness, respecting the counselee's freedom of choice.

Avoids dual relationships which might impair her or his objectivity and increase the risk of harm to the client (e.g., counseling one's family members, close friends, or associates). If a dual relationship is unavoidable, the counselor is responsible for taking action to eliminate or reduce the potential for harm. Such safeguards might include informed consent, consultation, supervision, and documentation.

Makes referrals when necessary or appropriate to outside resources. Appropriate referral necessitates knowledge of available resources and making proper plans for transitions with minimal interruption of services. Counselors retain the right to discontinue the counseling relationship at any time.

Screens prospective group members and maintains an awareness of participants' needs and goals in relation to the goals of the group. The counselor takes reasonable precautions to protect members from physical and psychological harm resulting from interaction within the group.

Informs appropriate authorities when the counselee's condition indicates a clear and imminent danger to the counselee or others. This is to be done after careful deliberation and, where possible, after consultation with other counseling professionals. The counselor informs the counselee of actions to be taken so as to minimize his or her confusion and to clarify the counselee and counselor's expectations.

Maintains and secures records necessary for rendering professional services to the counselee as required by laws, regulations, institutional procedures, and confidentiality guidelines.

Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation

 a. Adheres to all professional standards regarding selecting, administering, and interpreting assessment measures. The counselor recognizes that computer-based testing programs require specific training in administration, scoring, and interpretation which may differ from that required in more traditional assessments.

 b. Provides explanations of the nature, purposes, and results of assessment/evaluation measures in language the counselee(s) can understand.

 c. Does not misuse assessment results and interpretations and takes reasonable steps to prevent others from misusing the information.

 d. Uses caution when utilizing assessment techniques, making evaluations, and interpreting the performance of populations not represented in the norm group on which an instrument is standardized.
 *      Each person has the right to self-direction and self-development.
 *      Each person has the right of choice and the responsibility for goals reached.
 *      Each person has the right to privacy and thereby the right to expect the counselor-counselee relationship to comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality.



Bachelor or Master Degree in Education, School Counseling, Therapy,  or in a relevant subject area with teaching experience as per above
Counseling/Guidance Certification or equivalent
Minimum five (5) years teaching/counseling experience
High level of English proficiency
Cross-cultural sensitivity and an international mindset
Previous experience in an international school is desirable.


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